Thursday, July 4, 2013

States & Provinces, SCMA USA4CT Finisher List

With the completion of the USA4CT, I have now ridden my own motorcycle in all the 49 continental United States and 6 provinces in Canada!!! It has taken me 6 years to accomplish this. Guess I will just have to start all over again now!!

49 States

6 Provinces

I am now also officially listed on the SCMA USA4CT 2013 Finisher page:

From the SCMA USA4CT Finisher web page

It will be 4-6 weeks to get my official SCMA finisher plaque. Each is custom ordered! Look forward to getting that. Bill and I plan to get one of the finisher red pavers engraved with our names and placed at the Four Corners Park in Madawaska, Maine. I will have to ride back up there just to see the paver! Also, get to stay at Martin's Motel and eat at Dolly's again!! Have to try J. T.'s Tavern out this time too!

My 2012 Ultra is scheduled for it's 30,000 mile maintenance next week. Just had the 20,000 mile maintenance done the first week of June! They do have to check and repair a loose shifter shaft on the transmission too.

Looks like the rain has finally stopped on the east coast for a few days. So gotta get some riding in to day and this weekend!!

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  1. Congrats on your accomplishments. Hoping that real life will allow me to do the same in the next few years